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The initiative stems from the presence of original instruments of absolute and recognized relevance (the Accardi Collection) which are in possession of the school. The aim of the course, in continuation and evolution with the work started in past editions, is to create a reference point that coordinates the scholars in line with this approach and to acquire a deeper and more adequate knowledge of piano performance practice in light of the most recent research on historical pianos, thus inducing the “modern” pianist to a more complete view of his instrument.

The educational curriculum is structured in three phases organized in individual lessons, group meetings, seminars, that involve absolute top level teachers working in synergy.
The pedagogical team is selected on the basis of a unique principle in the world of musical teaching: intergenerational collaboration. The main professors are among the most respected musicians of their generation: Stefano Fiuzzi (1943), Evgeni Koroliov (1946), Jura Margulis (1968), Giovanni Paolo Di Stefano (1979), Julien Libeer (1987).
Solidly anchored to the Russian and European traditions, they will bring students complementary visions and different energies. Starting from the unique collection of historical instruments already present in Saluzzo, they will pay particular attention to all the questions related to the interpretation of the ancient repertoire on modern instruments. Without dogmatism, they will analyze the question of historically informed interpretation both on the technical-practical and on the historical-philosophical level. They will also turn to recent piano-building experiences, especially the new parallel-string pianos (Maene, Paulello, etc.), hybrid instruments between the piano and the modern keyboard.
The permanent presence of a “sound engineering” department within the APM School will also allow to offer participants, in a separate educational chapter which accompanies the course, an overview of the potential of new technologies in the field of music production to allow musicians to deepen their cultural knowledge and to acquire the necessary preparation for the conscious management of their own musical recordings from a technological point of view.
There will be a vocal interpretation masterclass held by the teachers Luciana Serra and Gianmaria Bonino. There will therefore be opportunities for synergy between the two didactic chapters.

The course is part of the project promoted by the Compagnia di San Pa in the context of high-level musical education, art area activities and cultural heritage.

From November 2018 to March 2019
The selections will be held Wednesday, October 31st.

The cost of the course is €500.00 to be paid after successful completion of the selection process. It is possible to attend the course as auditors (only at the APM School) with a cost of € 50.00 for each meeting or € 200.00 paid in advance for attending four appointments. Special needs of an economic nature will also be evaluated for the purpose of awarding two scholarships as a grant.

The application form must be received by the school by 5 October 2018